Willow is a very forgiving medium. It can be bent into all kinds of shapes. It is suitable for making everything from simple wigwams for plant-supports, through bird-roosting pouches up to complicated sculptures.

We now have a grove of salix viminalis willows suitable for making structures, living willow sculptures and hedges. Contact me if you would like me to help you to create any of these, or if you would like to buy willow cuttings to make your own.

We also have basket-making willows: salix purpurea "Dicky Meadows", "Dark Dicks", "Light Dicks" and "Irette" and salix alba x fragilis "Flanders Red".

Come over and PYO (Pick Your Own) during the winter when they are dormant.

As Spring comes on the shapes change before your eyes. 

 I love working with willow because, during the winter, you get to see the bare bones and the shadows.