The roses are looking particularly good this year. This is "Pat Austin".

The rose-season begins in May with "Canary Bird". This standard has grown almost into a tree! 

In another part of the garden, David Austin's "Gentle Hermione" smells of Turkish Delight. 

The rose arch is thirty feet long and constructed from industrial "re-bar". It separates off part of the vegetable garden. 

Other roses include "Zephirine Drouhan" and "Handel" as well as the old roses, "Maiden's Blush" and "Rosa Complicata".

The standard "Iceburg" is also very vigorous. This one is eclipsed by the gigantic allium "Christophii". 

Old roses, here stripey "Rosamundi" and "The Red Rose of Lancaster" famous from "The Wars of the Roses" have been flowering well, too. 

Roses include David Austin's "Saint Swithun", "William Morris", "Ispahan", "Wisley 2008" and the white "Winchester Cathedral".

Sadly, the bright sunshine leaches the colour out of the pinks in the photographs, and, of course, it is impossible to capture the scent....