Pet Feeding Visits 

My four cats all hate going to the cattery. Lily is invariably sick in the car, and Henry ignores us for weeks afterwards...

It is much kinder to keep them in their own home in familiar surroundings.

I can come in for 20-30 minutes to feed your small pet and renew their water once or twice a day. I can tidy their feeding area and bowls, clean litter trays and bedding, and, of course, talk to them and give them cuddles.

I am happy to visit your ferret or fish, hamster or guinea-pig, mice, rats, rabbits and anything else within reason. (No lions, please.)

Not forgetting your plants which need water and conversation, too.

Additionally, I can give your pet their oral medication, subject to discussion with you about their needs/dosage/method of administration.

At the same time, I can check the security of your home, turn on/off lights, draw curtains, move post and take out the bin so that it is not obvious that you are away.

In the event of a problem, I can inform police/turn off stop cock etc.

Complete peace of mind while you are away!

Pony feeding

Merlin is a miniature shetland pony. Cuddles are difficult!

goat feeding
I will feed your chickens while you are away.

Thanks to QI, I now know how to hypnotise a chicken. I have tried it... It seems to work!

Maybe a pet-sitter sounds like a bit of a luxury?

Using ourselves as a case-study, it works like this: If we use a cattery, we have to collect all of our cats on a Friday (subject to finding them - we once missed a day of holiday because Jimmy hid...) and subject them to the indignity of the cat-carriers. They then stay at the cattery Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights - we can't pick them up on Sunday night because they shut at 5pm. Assuming that we can get them to share a pen, we can get away with about £25 per night for the four of them, making £75 plus petrol and time (and when is there time to pick them up on a Monday??). And that's just for one weekend!

Alternatively, we make them comfortable on Friday evening, and a pet-sitter visits them on Saturday and Sunday. No fuss, no hassle and a grand total of £15 if we go for one visit per day; £26 if we push the boat out and have 2 visits each day.

For us, that's not a luxury, it's common sense!


I guarantee to come to your home myself as I do not employ anyone else. (You will not come home early and find a visit has been missed, as once happened to me.)

Your keys will be kept in a separate building away from your name and address details. Keys are identified by number only.

I cannot take responsibility for the safety of cats (or other animals) who have access to the outside through a catflap etc. I will give them cuddles if they are at home.

This is me discovering that it is easier to feed goats than it is to take their photographs!