Update August 2017

Although the property is still advertised on various sites, we are not currently taking any viewings. This is because of a serious health issue which has arisen. We will not be in a position to consider moving until next spring. Meanwhile, I am keeping all emails which I receive, so that I can let you know of any changes.

Canal Mooring And Narrow Boat For Sale: £235 000.

We have reluctantly decided to put Garden Farm, our home for the last 15 years, up for sale so that we can move closer to our parents.

Garden Farm consists of an 84 foot mooring on the Coventry Canal and one acre (freehold) of gardens and orchard. There is a 55 x 30 foot  barn/workshop, divided into a 20 foot wide concrete-floored working area and a 10 foot wide wooden-floored office/laundry room/woodworking room all with electrical wiring, sockets and lighting. We have a bore-hole providing our own water, organic toilet-disposal, private access, telephone landline/broadband, car park and outdoor lighting.

We pay End-Of-Garden mooring fee to British Waterways & Band A Council Tax (currently about £1100 pa). The mooring fee is based on boat length - we currently pay about £1500 for the mooring fee and cruising licence together.

We have a Certificate of Lawful Use which means that the barn, track, shed, greenhouse, garden and car parks are all officially recognised by the Council.

The year before last we took away the last remnants of the old wooden mooring which had become rotten over the years and built new platforms.

Another change is that we have re-surfaced the main car park with new weed-suppressant fabric and scalpings to keep the boat free of muddy footprints in the winter.

This winter's project has been rebuilding the raised beds in the garden next to the canal.

New photographs of the land and the boat below...

Garden Farm is near Atherstone, Warwickshire, at the centre of England's canal system, and, if you need a faster pace, is less than an mile from the A5, approximately 5 miles from the M42 and about 7 miles from the M69. Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry are all within a 20 mile radius. (Post code is CV9 2RB.)

If this sounds like what you're looking for, let me take you on a tour...

the gate above our mooring

 Come in through our top gate. The mooring is right at the bottom.

the driveway down to our mooring

Now you can see the barn and the lower gate. (& Mrs Myrtle Brown)

You can just see the boat now, right at the bottom, beyond the secure car-parking area.  

Coventry Canal in winter

Looking along the Coventry Canal towards Hartshill on a cold winter's day. 

We have put in new platforms using strong timber and planted irises in between to encourage wildlife. The paving slabs beyond Lily (the cat) are from the path which is being moved away from the edge of the mooring.

                                     The mooring also seems to suit the not-so-wild-life.

The re-vamp of the car park included a French drain to divert rainwater and keep the area from getting muddy. 

garden next to the Coventry Canal mooring

We like to sit and watch the boats go by when the weather is warm. 

the barn from the mooring

The mower shed and log store extend out from the side of the barn. 

                                   The rebuilt raised beds are wide enough to sit on!
                                      Two thirds of the barn make up the workshop...
                                    ...the remaining third is the office with storage and laundry area beyond.
the garden above the mooring

Walking back up the track on the other side of the barn, there is another flower garden and a vegetable garden. Pictures of both of these and the birch avenue, willow structures etc are on the rest of this website. Please take a look.

the campsite above the mooring

Beyond the gardens, looking back towards the gate is an area which can be used for camping.  

the orchard above the mooring

Apples, pears, plums and cherries are underplanted with spring bulbs. 

Mancetter across the Coventry Canal mooring

Standing above the gardens you can see Mancetter church tower... 

...or right across Leicestershire. 

mooring has 1 acre of land

As you walk back up towards the top gate you can see our groves of willows and the tree-bog. (& Paxton)

mooring has organic toilet disposal

 Yes, that's right - treebog!

The willows have grown up in the last couple of years, so that the treebog is more concealed...

... and the birch walk is magnificent on a spring day.
open countryside above the mooring
If you've still got the energy, you can walk up the public footpath and look down from the hill. The view is wonderful!

And now for our boat, Widfara... We bought her in 1999 and have lived on her ever since. She is 68 feet long and is bright and airy inside, having 16 windows and two side hatches. During the time we have owned her, Kevin has completely gutted the inside, treating the steel, re-insulating and re-wiring, before renewing all of the wood work. She was re-painted the year before last. We have also had the bottom plated and put in a new galvanized water tank, cratch-board and cover and back deck cover. The back deck itself and the steps have also been renewed. Beneath the back deck is the reliable Lister ST3 engine. Heating is via our blue enamel wood burner and back-boiler which is connected to the radiators. The galley and shower were also renewed a few years ago.

Widfara had a new Boat Safety Scheme Certificate in March 2016 which will be valid until March 2020. She has just had a routine hull survey and blacking (November 28th-December1st 2016). No work was needed on the hull, so she has a new certificate which is valid until 2021.

                                                  On the hard, waiting for hull survey & blacking.

                                          Looking through the bedroom towards the bow (& Brindley).

                                                         The log burner and Victorian tiles.

                                                        From the bedroom, through the galley.

                                  Looking through the living room towards the shower and the stern...

                                    ...and back through the living room towards the bow (& Twig).

Now you've had a virtual tour, and seen us in all seasons, contact us (Sally and Kevin), if you'd like to come and look in person.

Sally: 07787 537 796 or gardenfarm@live.co.uk

Kevin: 07984 123 105 or kevin@riverhaus.co.uk

Landline: 01827 715 623