About Me

For the first 25 years of my working life I was a primary school teacher.

I have been organised and resourceful, and have been trusted by generations of parents and children.

Now, I am doing something I have always wanted to do: I spend most of my day gardening, and the rest with pets and their owners.

I was given my first sink-garden when I was five years old, and have gardened ever since- that must be approaching 45 years of gardening experience. I work as a volunteer gardener at Ryton Organic Gardens as often as I can find the time. 

I have recently gained commendations in two of the units of Royal Horticultural Society's Diploma "Principles of Horticulture", level 2.



I live on a small-holding near Atherstone in Warwickshire with my husband, Kevin, our two border-collie crosses, Brindley and Paxton, and our four cats, Jimmy, Lily, Henry Tadpole and Mrs Myrtle Brown.

Brian is a Nissan S Cargo (escargot = snail). He was made by the same group, Pike Factory, which made the more frequently seen Figaro.

He also, apparently, smells interesting to dogs. 

As of December 2013 we have a new paint-job and new mooring platforms (built by Kevin). Watch this space for native marginal planting in the Spring.

 Iris and cornflower in the garden.

Jimmy is the boss. He keeps our three girls in order. 

Brindley takes an interest in all Garden Farm projects.