Welcome to Garden Farm:

Gardening, Cat and Small Pet Feeding Visits

in Atherstone and Nuneaton Areas.

Do you need help with your garden?

I am happy to come as often as you like: once a week, once a month, or just once a year!

I can mow, prune or tidy your garden, or perhaps help you by designing and planting a whole new space which will suit your needs.

Take a look at my gardening pages to see examples of my work.

hemerocallis in a gardener's garden.

You may have seen me driving around the Atherstone or Nuneaton areas in "Brian". More about him on the "About Me" page...

s cargot advertises gardening business

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Phone:07787 537796

Is your cat sick of the cattery?

Is there no one to muck out your goats? 

Let me put your mind at ease...

I can visit your cat, rabbit, guinea pig or other small pet in your own home for feeding, cleaning and cuddles.

I can feed and muck out your goats or chickens. For more details look on the "Pet Feeding" page.

I will pet-sit your goats

 Freddie is a neighbour. He enjoys curly kale from my garden.

I will pet-sit your cats.

 These are all mine,chilling out on a chilly day.